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Mihir Chitalia

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Mihir Chitalia

Good news! Our NFT API is now available on Optimism and Arbitrum in beta! We plan to do a public launch of our beta next week, but wanted to give you early access! Would love to hear how it works for you as soon as possible.

You can access this the same way as the other EVM NFT API’s, just use the appropriate RPC url for Opt/Arb Mainnet or Goerli. Here is the list of endpoints we are supporting for the beta:
⁃ getNFTs
⁃ getOwnersForToken
⁃ getOwnersForCollection
⁃ getNFTMetadata
⁃ getContractMetadata
⁃ getNFTsForCollection

Here are the docs: docs.alchemy.com/reference/nft-api-quickstart

Feel free to share any feedback or questions at nft-api@alchemy.com!



You advertise Optimism support on your homepage, but it's still pending? Do we have an ETA of when this will launch?


out eth

This would be huge. You guys would be the first to provide this service afaik - I checked moralis, quicknode and opensea and none of them support optimism. Without this, I am currently manually calling the nft contracts, retrieving the metadata, then fetching the imageURI. There are so many edge cases I have to deal with like CORS not working, malformed metadata, different formats (ipfs, base64, etc.) etc.

It would be so much simpler if I could have it "just work" with alchemy.

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