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Elan Halpern

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Mihir Chitalia

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Mihir Chitalia

Good news! Our NFT API is now available on Optimism and Arbitrum in beta! We plan to do a public launch of our beta next week, but wanted to give you early access! Would love to hear how it works for you as soon as possible.

You can access this the same way as the other EVM NFT API’s, just use the appropriate RPC url for Opt/Arb Mainnet or Goerli. Here is the list of endpoints we are supporting for the beta:
⁃ getNFTs
⁃ getOwnersForToken
⁃ getOwnersForCollection
⁃ getNFTMetadata
⁃ getContractMetadata
⁃ getNFTsForCollection

Here are the docs: docs.alchemy.com/reference/nft-api-quickstart

Feel free to share any feedback or questions at nft-api@alchemy.com!


Paul Jordan

Would really appreciate this, l2 support is critical to increase the number of devs who can build on alchemy



The Treasure ecosystem is growing rapidly, and with the upcoming launch of the Trove marketplace, there will be a huge number of NFTs coming to Arbitrum. Please consider expanding the NFT API to support Arbitrum.

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