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Stewart Bracken

When using the transfers API, I run into an issue where there are seemingly identical transfers that my code cannot differentiate. For example when a transaction transfers the same ERC1155 token with the same quantity multiple times to the same account. I am unable to uniquely index these in my own database. Here's a transaction example etherscan.io/tx/0xed93e8ac24dca9745edf09d7ae72bf022826e2c03d5ca2d1316fb9d83e779877.

I am requesting a unique id is returned by the transfers API for each unique transfer.



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Stewart Bracken

Amazing. Thank you so much for the quick update! This is invaluable for my use case.


Dan Zou

Hey! We just added this feature. It is accessible via the `uniqueId` field returned in the response. docs.alchemy.com/reference/alchemy-getassettransfers

This field is constructed differently depending on what kind of transfer it is:

* external transfers: transactionHash
* token transfer: transactionHash:logs:logIndex (the log index represents the log index from which the transfer originated)
* internal transfer: transactionHash:internal:trace_address (the trace address is the position in which the transfer appears in the internal call tree)

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Rob Boyle

Great request - thanks for all the detail as well. Will see what we can do.

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